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Google Plus Pages

Google Plus Pages

Google Plus Pages

There has been some complaints about Google Plus pages compatibility, ease of use, and general aesthetics.  So in an effort to keep up with competition from both Twitter and Facebook, the engineers at Google are attempting to make some serious changes that should put a smile on your face if you’re a small business.

Its no shocker that Google Plus pages is already adapting their business pages with the advent of the already adored Facebook Timeline and the new Twitter format that was recently introduced.  Google Plus pages are still new in the game and now they’re up to bat.  Let’s see if they hit a home run or strike out.

Google Plus Pages | Beautiful Control

So what kinds of changes can you expect to see to Google Plus Pages over the next couple of days?  Weil you’ll be able to make some changes to your Welcome Page, new activity stream controls will be added, the notifications will be much more comprehensible, and the photo experience will be much more pleasing to the eye.

So some Google Plus Pages users were complaining that their wasn’t room for more people within their company to add creative input to the page, well Google responded by now allowing up to 50 admins for a page in order to give organizations a broad range of control across different departments.  Now you can have your PR department, customer service, graphic design department, and copywriters putting in their creative efforts!

Google Plus Pages | Analytics and Tracking

Google is also making a huge effort to help businesses analyze trends and track user behavior on their Google Plus Pages, here’s what Mashable had to say about that:

Pages also now have a more powerful notifications flow to keep better track of how users are interacting with the brand, and there’s an aggregated count of users that shows brand +1′s combined with users that have added your Page to their Circles.

Although Google Plus Pages has improved its tracking system, I’ve really grown accustomed to using Klout to measure my social media presence.  If you aren’t sure how to do that, check out this article by Black Box Social Media about using Klout for Google Plus Pages.

Google Plus Pages | Updates for Users

While Google is really concerned with drumming up ideas to draw more businesses to Google Plus Pages they are also very concerned with user experience.  Therefore they have added quite a few improvements for user experience as well.  Here they are:

First, users can now fine-tune the volume of posts from each Circle that goes into your stream. With a volume slider at the top of the page, you can, for example, make all the posts from your “Good Friends” Circle appear in your stream and only some of the posts from your “Acquaintances” Circle show up.

The Lightbox photo program in Google+ now has “improved navigation, enhanced comment legibility and better overall utility,” according to Bradley Horowitz, VP of Product for Google+. The experience looks much better all around and its new photo-tagging abilities rival Facebook.

I just wish that it was a little easier to promote your brand.  If something like “recommend to a friend” or some other kind of suggestion button were available it would really go a long way.

Google Plus Pages | Bottomline

There is a lot of talk out there about the death of Google Plus thus the death of Google Plus Pages for business.  It very well may be, but we don’t want to wait around to see.  Its still important to keep up-to-date about changes to the platform, stick with us for more updates for Google Plus Pages.

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  1. GracieOpulanza
    7 years ago

    I use google+ a lot and also klout to measure my online influence. However KLOUT still can not measure google+ pages, which is where most of my activity happens.