Do You Need a Social Media Marketing Firm?

Just what can a social media marketing firm do for you and your business?

Social Media Marketing Firm

Social Media Marketing Firm

Some brick and mortar businesses have largely ignored social media marketing.  Which is not the road that you want to go down when your competition begins increasing their market share, their revenues, and exceeding their lead generation goals (with minimal investment) while your business becomes stagnant.  As social media statistics will show,  it’s popularity is increasing day by day, and will continue to do so.

If you’ve yet to include social media marketing into your business plan yet, chances are that your competition is steps ahead of you, and they’re robbing you of your current and potential customers.  Social media marketing covers a vast terrain of media, including online local search directories (where people look to find companies and give reviews), blogging (like WordPress or Blogspot), social bookmarking (Like Digg), video marketing (like YouTube), and social interaction sites (like Facebook and Google+).

Social media marketing is not only going to reach the younger generation.  There is a strategy behind it and a way to make it work.  After all, by the end of 2012, Facebook is expected to eclipse the 1 billion user mark.  Most people don’t understand the nuances behind the industry yet, which is why the assistance of a social media marketing firm can be very valuable to you and your business.  Here are some benefits of using a social media marketing firm.

Social Media Marketing Firm Benefits | Choose the Best Form of Media

When businesses think of a social media site for their product, they always think of Facebook.  But what is the best media for your product’s message?  A good social media marketing firm will know the answer.  If photos help sell your product (such as flowers or social places) then Pinterest may be a great choice for you.  If you have ‘how to’ information to tell, then creating a video and using a video marketing site like YouTube may be a better focus.  Do you have a blog and want to get your link to the masses?  Then Twitter may work well for you.  Want search engine ranking from your social network?  Then Google+ should not be overlooked.  Not all social media sites are created equally and a good social media marketing firm will detail which networking sites are best for you.

Social Media Marketing Firm Benefits | Get You Found Online

When people think of social media, they think of  Twitter and Facebook.  Another ‘cousin’ of social media is online local search directories, or the Internet’s version of the Yellow Pages.  Honestly, when was the last time you actually used the Yellow Pages for something other than a booster seat or a doorstop? 92% of business locations are searched online.  Why is this considered part of social media?  Because people can interact with companies by leaving comments & reviews and downloading special offers & coupons.  This type of 2 way communication is valuable, as is the search engine optimization potential.  Having multiple online local search directories will help businesses get found and websites get ranked.  A good social media marketing firm understands the best directories to go after and how to do it well.

Social Media Marketing Firm Benefits | Social Networking Site Demographics

Research is one of the most valuable benefits of using a social media marketing site.  To create a successful social media marketing plan, you must have a specific target market in mind.  In addition, you must understand which key words are being used to search for not only your company, but your competitors as well.  A social media marketing firm understands how to perform this type of research and create media around those keywords.  A social media marketing firm should also be able to assist you in a pay per click campaign, which will allow you to show ads to your specific demographics while their on their favorite sites.  How do you measure this campaign?  How would you like to earn $2.50 for every dollar spent?  This knowledge is why a social media marketing firm is such a big benefit to small businesses.

Social Media Marketing Firm Benefits | Training and Implementation

A social media marketing firm should be able to educate you on how the business runs as well.  Now, you may want to outsource all of the work to another company.  After all, you don’t have the extra labor costs, training costs, managerial costs, replacement costs, insurance costs, benefits costs, etc… involved with outsourcing that you do with hiring an employee.  But over time, things can change.  You may want to eventually hire and train a staff of social media marketers.  That’s why utilizing a social media marketing firm with social media marketing courses is so important.  If your business ever decides to change gears, you’ll want to know that you’re working with a company that will change gears with you and still support you during your transition.  Therefore, when searching for a good firm, make sure you inquire about any social media marketing courses they have available.

Finally, a plan is only as good as it is capable of being implemented.  If you have to log into and interact with people on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc… multiple times a day, then your social media is running you rather than you running your marketing.  Therefore, in addition to social media marketing courses, you’ll want to use a social media marketing firm that has a social media dashboard, which allows you to schedule, post, engage, and interact with all of your social networking sites from one simple location in just minutes a day.

After reviewing this article and examining the facts, you can now see that social media marketing is much more than a teenage habit.  Social media marketing allows you to target your specific demographic from a pool of over a billion potential customers at a very low cost.  Using a social media marketing firm who understands how to analyze keywords, the benefits of online local search directories, the vast array of medias that can be included in social media, which social media site is best for your company, and how to train and implement a social media marketing plan with a great ROI will assist you in surpassing your revenue goals for 2012.  Check out social media marketing firms and our Social Media in 7 Minutes program and see how it can assist you.

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