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Facebook Customization

Facebook Customization

Facebook Customization

There are a ton of Facebook customization tools out there that can really put your marketing and business social media efforts ahead of the curve.  Now we aren’t going to go over all of these in one article, but we did want to highlight just a few.  There are several Facebook customizations for the recently released Facebook Timeline that we thought you’d enjoy.

Facebook Customization | Timeline

Facebook customization is essential in making sure that your page stays creative as well as visually appealing for your fans and friends.  So let’s take a look at 4 tools for customization shared with us by Mashable in their Facebook customization article.

  1. Pic Scattter – Friends
    1. Pic Scatter allows you to make your Timeline banner into a collage of pictures from your friends or pictures from an album of your choice.
  2. Pic Scatter – Likes
    1. While making a collage of your friends could be great for your Timeline, a better business approach may be to make a collage of your ‘Likes,’ which is also an option with Pic Scatter.  Let your fans know about other pages that you find interesting, this not only gives your brand personality, but it also provides your fans with other content worthy pages.
  3. Profile Picture Maker’s Timeline Cover Banner
    1. The cover banner tool is great, because you can choose a number of pictures to include in your timeline banner and overlap them or create a funky design.  Not only that, you can also draw on your timeline banner to give it your own artsy touch.
  4. Profile Picture Maker’s Timeline Cover Banner
    1. If you just don’t have any pictures that you feel would suit your banner, then you can easily choose one of the site’s stock pictures and draw and customize it to your liking as well.  Unlike Pic Scatter there is no watermark on the final image, so you don’t have to use your profile to advertise to the site.
  5. FaceItPages Timeline Tool
    1. This is a great Facebook customization tool for Timeline for more business savvy profiles.  One of the Facebook Tips and Tricks that you can’t forget is that you should always include links to your other social media pages and your website and what better place to include it than on your main banner?  You can do this on FaceItPages as well as add text your banner.  Maybe your mission statement?  Go ahead and add your logo as well.  Maybe your mission statement?
  6. Cover Canvas – Photos
    1. Cover Canvas has a ton of options for your Facebook Timeline banner.  One option is to include several photos from one of your Facebook albums and then you can choose one of dozens of templates in their library to use.
  7. Cover Canvas – Name
    1. I don’t like the ‘Name’ option for personal pages, but I do like this option for business branding.  Don’t feel like you need to be a graphic design artist to do one of these, its very user friendly with a ton of templates that you can choose.
  8. Cover Canvas – Name and Photos
    1. This is a great business Facebook customization tool, because not only can you add your business name, you can also add some pictures from the office or exemplify your work lifestyle and culture.  Fans of your business always want an insider’s view, so show them on the banner!

Facebook Customization | In Conclusion

Well we hoped that one of our many Facebook customization tools we went over fits your business or personal page, stay tuned for more Facebook tips soon!

Image attribution: http://m.kenh14.vn/c0/s31-20756/hay-can-than-facebook-dang-bi-mat-theo-doi-ban.htm

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