Facebook for Online Business: All You Need To Know!

Facebook for online business

Tips on using Facebook for online business

Facebook’s IPO opened with a bang.  Everyone out there is wondering what that means for Facebook for online business.  Will there be more opportunities for advertisers?  What will the user experience be like?  These are all good questions and you deserve answers.

So this guide is for everyone who wants to generate traffic and leads from Facebook for their business.

Facebook for Online Business Strategy #1:  Of Course! Create a Business Page!

You should be creating a page on FB rather than creating an account in your business name. Head over to this page and choose the best one that suits your business.

It might seem a bit confusing at times. You may see the option “Local Business” as well as “Brand or Product”. You might think that your business is both. When in doubt, always follow your gut instincts. It’s not like Facebook is going to de activate your account since you chose one option over the other.

Facebook for Online Business Strategy #2: Make sure to show the Facebook Badge on your page.

People who visit your business website will come to know that you are active on Facebook and will join your Facebook page (ideally).

Now, this might not be a good strategy for everyone. However, you never know whether it will work for you or not. So give it a try and see how many people like your page from your website. If there isn’t much buzz, then you needn’t waste your valuable website real estate for a Facebook box.

Facebook for Online Business Strategy #3: Ask your friends to “like” your Facebook page.

Yes, really ask them. There is no better way to get people to “like” your page than asking them nicely.

If you need to entice them, maybe promise an exclusive gift, discount, or coupon for those who like your page on Facebook.

Facebook for Online Business Strategy #4: Always Interact with your Fans.

Post occasionally on your business page wall. Don’t post 50 times in a day. People will get irritated and unlike your page. Push marketing won’t work. Pull your customers to your business.

There is no right frequency. Try various frequencies like posting one time a day, once in every three days, or even once in a week.

The trick is to find the right frequency your specific audience is comfortable with. If you see people un-liking your page, then it means you are crossing the border.

Facebook for Online Business Tip #5: Engage.

This is somewhat an extension to tip #4.

Share important announcements, special discounts, and your latest article links through your business page. When you share on your page, people who liked your page, automatically receives the update on your wall.

The added benefit is that, not only do they see it, but their friends see it too when they like or re-share it. That’s really powerful.

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