How Do You Keep Social Media in 7 Minutes Current?

How Can You Keep the Trainings Up to Date?

I was reading a book on social media marketing the other day, and I noticed that alot of the information I was reading was out of date.  I looked to see when it was published and it was only 7 months old!  That’s the problem with print education with social media…it’s outdated by the time it hits the newsstands.

One of the unique features of Social Media in 7 Minutes is that our training is all video.  You see, we’re practicing what we preach for our clients, so as changes occur in Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, we know about it.
As we learn about changes, we video the updated processes and procedures right on the site.

As these updates occur, we’ll send you an email letting you know that a video has been updated.  Plus, each month, you will also be able to attend their special update webinars, which will detail some of the biggest changes in social media for a given month and have access to their informative forums designed to answer questions that new users will have regarding social media.

Therefore, you are always up to date on everything relevant to social media marketing.

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