How to Build a Squidoo Lens (video)

What is a Squidoo Page?

How to Build a Squidoo Lens

How to Build a Squidoo Lens

A Squidoo Page, or Lens, is a free website that allows you to share unique information on a topic of interest to you.  A Squidoo Lens is much like a blog posts, except they’re on a single subject.  With a Squidoo Lens, you get to create your one page website with a variety of modules, with each module allowing you to create a text post with photos, polls, predictions, videos and more fun stuff that increase user enjoyment and engagement.   Here are some of the benefits of building a Squidoo Lens:

  • Simple to build
  • Free
  • Looks professional
  • Good SEO
  • Opportunity to make money from Ads
  • Can use photos and videos
  • Good backlink to your blog page
  • Encourage user engagement

A Squidoo Lens is an informational website only; it is not designed for promotional products.  If you’re in doubt about what you can or cannot write about, please visit their Terms of Service.

Why Build a Squidoo Lens?

There are some valuable reasons to build a Squidoo Lens.  Here are some of the top reasons:

  • Brand yourself as an expert– a Squidoo Lens is designed to have the author create very specific information on a specific topic.  As you write a focused Squidoo Lens, you have the ability to demonstrate to your target audience that you are an authority on the topic in which you are writing.
  • Link to your blog– a Squidoo Lens is a different site that promotes your link, and this linking also allows visitors to your Squidoo Lens to find your blog site or website.
  • Speaking of links–  Google has given Squidoo a ranking of 7. When you place your blog site or website link on your Squidoo lens, you are creating a very valuable backlink from a highly ranked authority site for free!

With the variety of media in which to engage readers, the SEO backlink value, the authority, yet another way to promote your brand, and the fact that this site is FREE, there really is no reason not to build a Squidoo Lens for your product or service.

How to Build a Squidoo Lens

The good news is that it’s fairly quick and simple to do.  Below is a step by step video that walks you through the entire process on how to build a Squidoo Lens:

Given the ease and all the benefits of Squidoo, why not build your own Squidoo Lens today?

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