How to Combine Local Search And LinkedIn For Consumer Advertising

local linksPeople who have been doing search engine marketing for a long time have had some difficulty figuring out exactly where local search and sites like LinkedIn should fit into their larger strategy. As the search engine companies have continued to modify their algorithms and their methods of determining results, though, these approaches have only become more important for small business people who want to attract attention on the Internet.

Why Should You Care About Local Links?

Search rankings can be much more volatile than most business owners would like. You can go to a great deal of effort to build a large stockpile of back links only to have many of them become useless if the company evaluating search results decides that they appear to be unnatural.

Local back links have a couple of big advantages. They tend to be mainly from very reputable sources, like a local Chamber of Commerce, that are very unlikely to become devalued. They are also a way of building real relationships with customers and other companies in your area. This means that, in a worst case scenario where you lose your visibility in Google, you still have a lot of local exposure and can be found by potential customers in your area.

The kind of networking that they involve can also benefit your business in other ways. For example, it may help you to find great potential employees that you would never have encountered otherwise.

Who Needs To Focus On Local Search?

Everyone can potentially benefit from paying attention to this type of seo. After all, additional valid links are never a bad thing. Those who will benefit most, though, are those who are attempting to attract a customer base that is local to them.

What About Companies That Don’t Operate Locally?

This would make it less of a priority, but remember that having more links from real sites that are likely to maintain a good reputation with the big search engines is always a good thing. No business is ever very likely to regret increasing its visibility or trying to reach more people.

Where Can You Get These Links?

There are plenty of options out there, and you will have to take your pick based on what makes sense for your particular company. Sites like local business directories and the Chamber of Commerce are obvious choices for every small business. You can also look at charities, surrounding businesses, colleges, trade schools, and networking events.

Really, it can be helpful to keep your eyes open for anything happening in the area that is related to your field to see if you can turn it into an opportunity to be seen. Even some things that aren’t directly related to your field might be valuable. For example, a local 5K that is raising money for charity would probably be more than happy to link to your site in exchange for a small amount of sponsorship money.

How Can You Get Started With Creating These Links?

If you need some ideas about places to contact, you should try doing searches for various ways that your area might be identified. Try to experiment with information like the city name, the county name, the zip code, and even neighborhood names.

When you find organizations that might be a good choice to be in contact with, go ahead and approach them. This is a great opportunity to use LinkedIn for Consumer Advertising because it is designed to make it easy for you to local people and companies who are in your area. It also helps to put you in contact with those who may have mutual friends or business acquaintances that can help you to break the ice.

With a good strategy and a willingness to do a little leg work, you can turn building a pool of local back links into a great networking opportunity while also doing some very valuable seo work.

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