How to Find a Job on Facebook

How to Find a Job on Facebook

How to Find a Job on Facebook

In the world of social media professional networks and personal networks are separate entities, until yesterday when the innovators at Glassdoor showed its users how to find a job on Facebook.  Now with their new tool, Inside Connections, you can link up your Facebook account with your Glassdoor profile and discover just who you might know in your personal network that could potentially help you land your dream job.

How to Find a Job on Facebook | How it Works

Basically how it works is once you connect your Facebook account with your Glassdoor profile you can search out your friends or friends of friends and see who has listed work experience at your desired company.  You see a close friend or a family member may very well be your ticket to a job rather than just connecting through a previous co-worker, manager, or the like.  The Wall Street Journal explains why this approach might work in their article on how to find a job on Facebook:

“For a long time, LinkedIn has been where people go for jobs, and Facebook has been where people go for their friends,” said Tim Besse, a Glassdoor co-founder and the site’s chief marketing officer, “but at the end of the day, I’d be happy to use my mom or a friend to find out more about a company. Thinking they’re totally separate isn’t reality.”

Glassdoor and LinkedIn are competitors, however just because Glassdoor is making it easy to discover how to find a job on Facebook, I seriously doubt that they will shut out LinkedIn.  The reason being, Glassdoor attracts a much younger demographic and also people will still want to sift through their professional network to find connections to land a job.

How to Find a Job on Facebook | Arguing For or Against?

So there are equally valid arguments for this how to find a job on Facebook service through Glassdoor, some believe that the service will reap great benefits, while others think that we shouldn’t mine through our friends and family to find jobs.  Mashable explains why they believe the service will really be a step forward for job searching:

“We’ve been taught to think that Facebook is just our personal or social lives and Linkedin is our professional lives, but the reality is that when you’re boots-on-the-street looking for a job, some of the very first people that you turn to are your closest friends. And what Glassdoor does is make it really easy to tap into these connections.”

Besides offering up potential contacts at companies you’re targeting, Glassdoor’s Facebook integration further personalizes your experience with the site. The software taps into your Facebook history and network to present you with jobs and companies you actually may be interested in as you browse the site.

So this is a whole new ballgame for social search in the job niche, because not only will you be able to find friends at companies that you want to work for, but the service also recommends positions based on your previous posts and interests!  However some naysayers still believe that learning how to find a job on Facebook isn’t the smartest way to go.

Some experts, however, say that personal relationships and professional relationships in a job hunt are — and should remain — independent. “People’s reputation as a professional depends on the people they refer,” said Dr. Katherine Jones, director and principal analyst of human capital management technology for California-based Bersin and Associates.

“My next door neighbors are my Facebook friends, but I don’t know them well enough to recommend them for a job. People I went to high school with — would I want them working for me? I don’t know.”

So what are your thoughts on Inside Connections and how to find a job on Facebook?

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