How to Find Followers on Twitter

How to Find Followers

How to Find Followers

How to Find Followers

In order to really build your online presence your startup first needs to know how to find followers on Twitter.  There are a number of ways to do this so we want to share some of the top marketing methods with you and also share additional tips to create a strong online presence for your startup company.  Learning how to find followers will help you identify your influencers and really work wonders for your future marketing campaigns.

How to Find Followers | Who’s Talking About You?

First you’ll want to research Twitter to see just who is talking about your industry so that you can possibly make a connection with these folks.  Once you learn how to find followers, you will also want to narrow the people you contact down to those that really have a lot of influence, meaning ones that interact with many other users and have quite a few followers themselves.

How to Find Followers | Know Your Users

Twitter search is an unequivocal tool for finding out just who is talking about your company, your industry, or your competition.  Once you find out who is talking about your company, make sure to engage in conversation with them.  One thing that you don’t want to do when discovering how to find followers is sound like a salesperson, this is how you will get ignored very quickly.  Just ask questions and provide good information, this will get people on your side.

How to Find Followers | Offer Something in Retribution

You just don’t ask people to follow you without anything in return, well maybe sometimes, but for influencers you’ll want to offer something in advance.  Mashable describes what I mean in their article on how to find followers:

Kazi emphasizes the value of your own friends and connections to start the community. Ask them to be a part of your community and to help you grow it. Jason Keath, CEO of Social Fresh points out that email lists are often overlooked as a chance to ask your existing community to follow you elsewhere. Social Fresh found early success by building partnerships with conferences and leveraging their audiences, so definitely think about any partners or deals you can make to help build your base.

How to Find Followers | Social Integration

You want to make sure that you are asking those interested in your product to follow you on Twitter and Facebook as part of the sales process.  Also include your social media icons on your site’s homepage.  This will definitely increase your followers and help you to build your online process.

How to Find Followers | Quality not Quantity

A lot of people think that when they are trying to figure out how to find followers that they should really focus on the number of followers rather than the quality of these followers.  The goal here is to turn these followers into advocates for your products.  That means that you should be able to engage with all of these followers to create a welcoming personalized experience.  Rather than one that is just shouting sales at them.  Check out this Nielson statistic on how to find followers:

90% of consumers trust peer recommendations, while only 33% trust online ads.

How to Find Followers | Conclusion

So basically the key to learning how to find followers is to find influencers that are already talking about your product, its all about quality and not quantity, integrate your social sites with your website and sales funnel, and know your users.

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