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Best Keywords

Best Keywords

Best Keywords

Finding the best keywords to tag your blogs, videos, and other posts can really help to elevate your business’s site to the top of a search.  However there are also some common mistakes that you’ll need to avoid when searching for the best keywords.  Keyword research is something that needs to be done correctly in order to improve your site or blog’s SEO and Google ranking.  If you are able to select the best keywords for your niche market using the best possible methods your site will surely drive the traffic that you desire, however if you don’t abide by these methods religiously you won’t see any improvement.  Here are some things to avoid when searching for the best keywords.

Best Keywords | Don’t Aim Big

Sure you would think that the best keywords would always be the ones that have the most monthly and overall searches.  But lets analyze that thought for a minute.  If keywords have that many searches then more than likely you aren’t going to be able to dominate that search because there is going to be quite a bit of competition out there.  You see what happens is certain sites that have been existence for years and years have written article after article on those particular keywords so they have authority over them and they can dominate the search.  So what do you do?  Here’s what Black Box Social Media has to say about best keywords:

A better use of your time and resources is to go after other popular words and phrases that have slightly less intense competition and a little less traffic. The best way to look at it is to remember that having a share of a smaller market is way better than having absolutely no share of a bigger market. And you can then build up to those bigger markets over time.

Best Keywords | Don’t Aim Small

So now you’re probably saying to yourself, ‘this is just totally contradictory, I’m not going to trust this…’  But wait, hear me out, the best keywords to target are ones with medium competition.  You don’t want to focus on keywords that have little search potential.  Long-tail keywords have proven to be quite successful, but make sure if you’re going to go the long-tail route that your long-tail keywords are search worthy!

Best Keywords | Don’t Always Go Plural

Now this one may be a hard one to follow, because plural keywords may seem like the best keywords to write an article with because they are just easier to use.  However, more times than not web users use the singular form when searching.  This may not always be the case with certain words (i.e. socks, shoes) but often times this is the case.  Don’t always use singular though.  If you’re unsure whether or not to use the singular or plural, make it a habit to check both when looking for keywords.

Best Keywords | Use The Exact Match

This is a simple one, therefore its an easy one to forget.  Inside the Google Keyword Tool you can select the exact match option.  I can’t stress how important it is to use this option when using keyword phrases with more than one word.  If you forget to do this, you will end up with results that are both confusing and of no use to you.

Best Keywords | Recheck Your Results Consistently

Just like anything else the best keywords are often changing as search habits change.  That’s why its important to go back and check the best keywords for your niche market at least once a month.  These are especially easy to change if you are tagging videos on YouTube, all you have to do is go in and edit the video and adapt the tags as necessary.  Social Media in 7 Minutes is on top of social media marketing and finding the best keywords, come and visit often!

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