How to Improve Search Engine Ranking

How to Improve Search Engine Ranking

How to Improve Search Engine Ranking

If you searched around, then I’m sure you’ve found many sites detailing how to improve search engine ranking.  However many of these so called methods are just a quick fix and with Google consistently changing their algorithm in order to ensure that there users are finding quality content based on their search, you may find that these black-hat SEO tricks backlash.  There’s no doubt that we live in a society that is obsessed with the quick fix, however, no business built a solid online reputation overnight.  Thats why we recommend using white hat SEO methods and creating content that is quality and relevant to your niche market.  That being said we’d like to teach you how to improve search engine ranking in a way that will last for some time to come.

How to Improve Search Engine Ranking | Content is King

Nobody enjoys spam.  Google hates it.  You hate it.  So don’t build your site around it!  Here’s some good advice on how to improve search engine ranking from my friend, Tom Bukacek, co-founder of Black Box Social Media.

If you’re goal is to get people to your weight loss website, than you have two ways of doing so.  First, you can write an article with the phrase ‘weight loss’ in there 300 times for the sole purpose of ranking high in the search engines and hoping when people get to your site, they’ll click on one of your ads.

Therefore, rather than writing articles with the goal of stuffing as many keywords as possible to rank high in the search engines, it’s best to write informative articles that benefit the end user.  Some tips for doing so are to write articles that relay a current event, a new technology, answer a question, or demonstrate a ‘how to’ do something.

When people click on these types of informative articles, they will benefit from the content and be more likely to opt in to your site or click on a link from your site.

Don’t ignore keywords altogether, this is how Google determines what your blog post or site is about.  However don’t keyword stuff as Tom recommends.

How to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking | Copy Artists Kill

You really want to avoid duplicating content on other sites even if it is quality.  Google has one of the most advanced algorithms on the net, therefore you will not get great search engine ranking if you simply copy someone else’s content.  If you want to reference another’s content give them credit, like this:

“Google is the most trusted and widely used search engine. It does not show 20 pages having the same content, instead it shows the most relevant and original content and omits the rest. So if you want to increase the Google rankings avoid using duplicate content.”

If you really want to share your content across the board, one thing you need to remember when learning how to improve search engine ranking is that its not a good idea to post the same blog over and over on different sites.  However I would recommend that you share your content through social networking groups and pages across Facebook and LinkedIn that are relevant to the content that you are publishing.  This is going to better your online reputation by providing useful information to those that really want it.

How to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking | A Few More Important Tips

You need to make sure that the titles that you are using are specific to the post.  An important thing to remember when learning how to improve search engine ranking is to NEVER title all of your posts the same.  Here’s an important note from WikiHow on titles and how to improve search engine ranking:

Title Tag – arguably the most important SEO tag for any website. Google supports approx. 60 characters in the title, while Yahoo allows for up to 110 characters in the title. It is important to target the most critical keywords in the Title. Every page should have a unique Title.

Also make sure that you are using your keywords in all of your headers, don’t forget!

How to Improve Search Engine Ranking | Bottomline

Discovering how to improve search engine ranking can be a daunting task, we recommend that you browse more of our articles to better develop your understanding of SEO.

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