How to Increase Pagerank

How to Increase Pagerank

How to Increase Pagerank

I’m sure if you’re a startup then you’re in constant search of how to increase pagerank.  What we have to realize as entrepreneurs is that search engine sites such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing aren’t only a great tool for finding information, they’re also legitimate businesses and in order to stay afloat they need to provide their users with good search results.  Thats why they’re constantly shifting their algorithms to assure that quality content rises to the top when a search query is input into their engines.  Thats why its always a good idea to use white hat methods when attempting to learn how to increase pagerank.  We want to share with you some factors that effect your pagerank in hopes that you will be able to increase yours!

How to Increase Pagerank | Factors that Improve Your Credibility

SearchEngineLand came up with a very nice guide on how to increase pagerank and a number of factors that increase your credibility and we’d like to share them with you.

  • In-Links: The search engines see in-links (links leading to your website from external sites) as signs of your trustworthiness. In-links are the virtual equivalent of someone “vouching” for your site. The more successful and credible the other site, the better you look to Bing and Google.
  • Out-links: Contrary to in-links, out-links are the links on your site that link to external sites. If your links are broken or the external site is irrelevant or outdated, your search rankings can take a hit.
  • A clean, error-free site: Broken/missing images, spelling mistakes, or 404 errors are all poor signs of a site’s credibility.
  • Traffic: Theoretically, the more traffic you get, the more relevant you are to searchers.
  • An easy-to-navigate website: A site that’s easy to navigate can reassure new visitors that your site contains the information they need. If your site is difficult or confusing to navigate, your site’s bounce rate (the percentage of users who immediately leave your site) will be higher— indicating to the search engines that your site wasn’t a successful match for those search queries.
  • An XML sitemap: Just like your site must be easy to navigate for humans, it should be similarly easy to navigate for the search spiders, too. An XML sitemap acts as a “road map” that leads bots down each interconnected page of your site, allowing them to index your page more quickly and accurately. Most websites have two sitemaps: a text-based list of pages within the sites and an .xml file for the spiders.

So make sure that you’re site is spelling error free, sharing links with other legitimate sites, and easy to navigate.  These are some essential steps in learning how to increase pagerank.

How to Increase Pagerank | Social Really Matters

We can’t stress the importance of actively engaging with all popular social media channels.  Since many people are using tools like Twitter to search, the fact that someone’s friend recommended your product or linked to your page through their social media account is becoming really important for search.  If you really want to know how to increase pagerank, then you’ll want to be engaging with your customers and sharing good content through social media sites.

Black Box Social Media explains why Google social search is going to be the way of the future in their recent article.  Especially now with Google integrating all of their channels and pushing forward with social search, its completely necessary if you want truly learn how to increase pagerank.

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