How to Populate Your Google Plus Circles

Google Plus Circles

Google Plus Circles

Google Plus Circles

As a lot of us are building Google Plus Pages many are wondering just how to populate their Google Plus Circles.  If you’re not quite sure why this important to look at it the same way as you did when you’re business began following other people and businesses on Twitter.  Our theory is that if you add businesses and people to your Google Plus Circles then many will add you as well as a way of saying thank you.  Not only that, but you also want to keep an eye on the competition; see what kind of material that they’re posting and other marketing techniques that have worked for them on their pages.  Finding the right people to add to your Google Plus Circles can be tricky, so we’ve compiled a list of resources to help you to do so:

Google Plus Circles | Circle Count

Circle Count ( is a great place to find people to add to your Google Plus Circles.  Their directory of Google Plus users is over 4.8 million so you should have no trouble finding users.  I usually like to type in my client’s particular niche market, for example real estate investors.  The search will display those with the most users in their Google Plus Circles.  Circle Count also gives you some interesting statistics and demographics for your Google Plus account as well!

Google Plus Circles | Recommended Users

Tom Bukacek of Black Box Social Media explains the benefits of using Recommended Users ( in his article about Google Plus Circles:

…you can add users to your circles based on specific categories ranging from celebritites to authors to journalists to scientists.  There are over 2 dozen specific categories for you to pull in people of influence and affluence into your Circles.

Google Plus Circles | Plus Friend Finder

Plus Friend Finder ( is a really awesome place to connect with people on Google Plus from around the world by searching through different cities and countries.  Also for businesses you can find great people to add to your Google Plus Circles through searching by occupation.

Google Plus Circles | Google+ Counter

I like this site ( because you can bring the people to you by creating your own custom lists and posting them on the page.  Not that creative?  Thats okay there are already user compiled lists on the site.  I’m sure that you can find one that a user has already created that fits right into your niche market or occupation.

Google Plus Circles | Find People on Plus

Find People on Plus ( is another excellent resource to find folks on Google Plus to add to your Google Plus Circles with a database of over 31 million users.  You can filter your search in a number of ways like occupation, location, etc.  It’s one of our favorites.

Google Plus Circles | Google Plus Directory

So the Google Plus Directory ( is not only a great way to find others in your industry, but a great way to advertise yourself as well.  You can easily add yourself to these Google Plus white pages so that others that are looking to add people like you to their Google Plus Circles can find you with ease.

We hope that the task is a little less daunting now.  So now you are on your way to populating your Google Plus Circles, we hope these resources help to grow your online presence and learn more about Google Plus, happy surfing!

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  1. Andre Morris
    7 years ago

    Awesome. I hadn’t seen Google Plus Circles before, but I’ve used some of the other ones. Adding myself now – thanks!

  2. Internet
    7 years ago

    I think the better tool is Google Plus Directory .. but i still trying to found a tool where I can check i added to my circles but them didn’t add me

    • admin
      7 years ago

      Yes, you will definitely have a higher amount of people you’ve added to your circles than will add you back. G+ is in it’s infancy stage right now. People started accounts and abandoned them. They’ll come back in the future. Just add what you can, put out good content on a continuous basis, and people will start adding you back.