How To Set Up And Use Facebook Timeline

Facebook Timeline | How to Set Up

Facebook Timeline How ToFacebook Timeline was finally released to the public on December 15, 2011.  While developers have been able to use this application for a couple of months now, the general public hasn’t been able to do so.  Now, everyone can finally use Facebook Timeline by going to and clicking on the ‘Get Timeline’ button.

Facebook Timeline | How to Use

Setting up the new Facebook Timeline is very quick and easy, as illustrated above.  However, there is some more detailed information in using the application .  This short, how-to video will show you how to create your banner, use the ‘activity log’,  how to post, upload photos, and how to make certain posts private or visible to only certain groups of people.

Facebook Timeline | Activity Log

Facebook Timeline comes with a new tool called the Activity Log, which enables you to control what appears on your Facebook Timeline.  With this function, you can promote a post to featured status, hide it from the Timeline,  or simply delete it altogether.  You can access your activity log by clicking the View Activity button on your timeline, under your cover.  Note: Only you can see your activity log.

To control what is seen or not seen, look for the two dropdown menus at the top-right of each story in your activity log. The first lets you adjust the privacy of your posts, or it shows you the privacy setting if it’s a story created by a friend (like when someone writes on your timeline or tags you in a post).   The second dropdown menu controls the visibility of the story on your timeline and gives you the option to hide, allow or feature the story on your timeline.

  • 269672196396014 107230506 Facebook Timeline Now Available to the PublicFeatured on Timeline: This is the same as starring a story on your timeline.
  • 269672196396014 1835576876 Facebook Timeline Now Available to the PublicAllowed on Timeline: This means that the story is eligible to appear on your timeline timeline as either a full story or a 291906760830187 338584305 Facebook Timeline Now Available to the Public. All of you stories will have this setting by default, unless you chose to hide them from your profile in the past.
  • Hidden from Timeline: Hidden stories will not appear on your timeline at all. Stories you hide from your timeline will still appear on your activity log and can appear other places on Facebook.

Anyone that upgrades to Facebook Timeline will have a 7 day trial period in order to double-check their information that will appear to others on Facebook. If you’re happy with the information that Timeline shows, you can publish it immediately.

Facebook Timeline | Editing Visible Information

When upgrading to Facebook Timeline, users will be able to feature articles throughout their Facebook history or hide articles from others.  As stated above, you’ll see a star on the top right of your post.  If you click on the ‘Feature‘ button, then the article will be featured and displayed prominently in your Timeline.  If you wish to remove or edit settings, then click on the ‘pencil‘ icon to the right of the feature star.  If you click on the ‘globe‘ icon next to the date, you can choose to make this post available to the public, to your friends only, to your close friends only, or even just your family.  This information makes much more sense in the video.  So Facebook Timeline does give you some control over who sees what information.

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