How to Use Google+ Direct Connect

How to Use Google+ Direct Connect

How to Use Google+ Direct Connect

Many businesses out there are curious about how to use Google+ Direct Connect to not only increase their online presence, but also to help boost their SEO and promote their Google+ Business Page.  Although many analysts and writers prophesize the death of Google+ in the long run, it will be a driving force for search and thats what why we like to share how to use Google+ Direct Connect for your small business.

How to Use Google+ Direct Connect | Google+ Pages for Business

Google+ was released in the fall of 2011 and Google+ Pages for Business was released not to long after in efforts to compete with Facebook Pages and Twitter’s efforts to include the business community to their social media giant.  So before we jump into how to use Google+ Direct Connect, obviously its important to understand the functionality of Google+.  At Social Media in 7 Minutes we’ve already delved into the subject so be sure to check out our how to’s concerning that.

Tom Bukacek of Black Box Social Media LLC explains the differences of Google+ Pages for Business and Facebook Pages in his recent article on how to use Google+ Direct Connect:

  • Google+ Circles– Circles allows you to break up your users into specific categories.  For example, if you have multiple businesses, you can separate your fans by specific business locations.  If you have a website with regular subscribers and premium subscribers, you can break them up accordingly.  Then, unlike with Facebook Fan Pages, you can create specific messages targeted for fans by specific categories.  This segregation will allow your posts to remain relevant to each set of eyeballs that view it.
  • Google+ Hangouts– Hangouts allows you to create a video chat room with up to 9 people.  Hangouts works well with companies that want to personalize their customer support, demonstrate ‘how-to’ do something, or have contests in which a select number of people can participate with a celebrity or athlete.

Its important to have many different marketing venues for your business, so setting up a Google+ Page is vital to your business’s growth.

How to Use Google+ Direct Connect | What It Is

Google+ Direct Connect is what binds Google+ with Google search.  Basically all you need to do when using Google search to find Google+ Pages is prefix your particular search with a “+”. So the primary thing to remember when learning how to use Google+ Direct Connect is type the brand or business name and add a + to the beginning of the search like so: +SocialMediaIn7Minutes.  The video below demonstrates exactly how this works, watch and learn:

Tom explains some other reasons why Google+ Direct Connect is essential for any small business:

If you do a Direct Connect search, you’ll get only one result, an official page, or to be more specific, Your Page that you will want people to see. If you don’t set up Google+ Direct Connect, then you end up with the classic “10 blue links” which might do things like suggest your competitor or a negative critique of your product or service.  When you think about it, the Direct Connect function is almost a bribe from Google to business owners stating that if you use our Google+ product, we’ll allow you to promote your message while pushing down any negative comments or articles about your product or service.

Inevitably Google+ users will begin searching using this method, so don’t wait too long and let your competition get ahead of the game, learn how to use Google+ Direct Connect today!

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