How to Use LinkedIn for Business

How To Use LinkedIn

How To Use LinkedIn

How to Use LinkedIn | Putting in Effort

LinkedIn is the internet’s ticket for business networking, but many new users haven’t learned how to use LinkedIn effectively by beefing up their profiles to their fullest potential. LinkedIn should be treated with the same carefulness of a resume or a cover letter, so let’s take a look at the basics of how to use LinkedIn first and make sure we are on the right track. Then we will explore Mashable article, :

“A person’s profile should, at minimum, reflect his or her current situation. That includes an up-to-date headline along with information about his or her most recent position. A recent photo and contact information are also musts.”

How to use LinkedIn is similar to Facebook in that your status updates are essential for starting conversations. Keep your status updates business related, and other members are sure to comment on them.

How to Use LinkedIn | Applications

Learning how to use LinkedIn’s applications and implement them into your profile is crucial to set yourself apart. Knowing how to use LinkedIn’s apps can add creativity and break the monotony of a normal profile. It also lets your connections know more about your personality.

Here are a few that Mashup writer, Erica Swallow recommended to in her article:

  • SlideShare Presentations: If you’re a public speaker or publish lots of reports, SlideShare is a useful tool for getting the word out about your work. If you don’t have a SlideShare account, get one. If you do, this app is a great way to showcase your most recent reports or presentations on your profile.
  • WordPress: Add personal flair to your profile by importing your latest WordPress blog posts onto your profile. You can choose to display all posts or only those tagged “linked in.”
  • Tweets: If you’re a huge LinkedIn buff with a passion for Twitter, Tweets is a great Twitter client for accessing the microblogging service right from your own page. Plus, you can choose to display your most recent tweets on your profile.
  • My Travel: Powered by TripIt, this app enables you to see where your professional network is traveling and post your upcoming trips. It then shows you who in your network will be close to you on your travels.

How to Use LinkedIn | Recommendations

When you are promoting yourself on the social media site, its always beneficial to have a second or third opinion. This is where knowing how to use LinkedIn’s recommendations come in. Learning how to use LinkedIn’s recommendations allow you to reach out to those that you have worked with in the past and ask for a recommendation. If they aren’t members yet, invite them to join, as it is very easy to import your email contacts. After this article you should feel comfortable teaching them how to use LinkedIn as well. Be careful not to overload your profile with too many recommendations though, the ones that you include should be high quality and thoughful. No recruiters want to trawl through hundreds of recommendations when searching for a new hire or business partner.

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