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Pinterest marketing tips

Tips for Pinterest Marketing

The world of online marketing is a constantly moving target. The trends in what is the most effective use of your time and attention are mercurial, what was hot a month ago may already be considered “old news” and for those business owners who are looking for the most worthwhile place to focus their time, Pinterest is currently your best bet.

Why use Pinterest?

There are several reasons why it is worth your time to cultivate your Pinterest site. First of all, the trends in social online sites for marketing have traditionally focused on the sites where people are able to interact and use text along with their posted images and embedded videos but Pinterest is different. This is not a social site in the same way that Facebook is, it is more of a site that displays a person’s interests in visual form only.

The concept is simple: Users of the site create pin-boards on their page and then browse the entire site and “like” images they see posted on other users sites, pinning them on their own boards and creating their own unique collections of images. The endless torrent of content that is posted and uploaded daily from the mobile devices makes this concept ideal for the demographic of ages 25 to 54, the overwhelming majority of its users fall into this range and that is the group most likely to spend money online by shopping.

How can you leverage this new and still emerging Pinterest trend and use it for marketing your business? These Pinterest tips can help get you on your way.

First, when creating your Pinterest business page, plan your content so that it can set a tone and entice a prospective customer by creating an atmosphere that evokes a mood that would be conducive to your product filling that need. The visual nature of the site means that all content you choose to post should be images of only the highest quality both in resolution and in composition.

Second, your Pinterest business page should originate with the same email address you are using on other social media site such as Twitter. This consistency across sites allows for easy integration and a seamless ability to cross-post with both platforms, increasing exposure and bringing in customers from one to the other.’

Next in the list of Pinterest tips is the naming of your boards and the posts you put on them. This is your chance to make the pin and pin-board descriptions rich in the keywords that will bring eyes to your boards. Search engines index the boards and your description must be relevant and filled with detail. Remember to take the time to post pin descriptions as well to get more views from those who are using the internal Pinterest search engines to comb for the content they wish to re-post.

Along with what you are doing on the Pinterest site itself, remember to focus on the highly visual content when you are creating new content for your business website. The images and video are the only things that can even be referenced by Pinterest, text is not going to create the marketing synergy you seek.

Finally, reward the visitors to your site with a pin-board that contains offers that can only be found at that site and on that board. Being able to take advantage of those discounts will add value to your page over others and give your visitors a strong reason to return often to view your updated content.

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