How to Use Social Media for Your Business

How to Use Social Media

How to Use Social Media

How to Use Social Media

Your sales will skyrocket if you know how to use social media for business. However in order to learn how to use social media you need to dedicate time and patience to your social media involvement. You’ ll find that you will put in a lot more into finding how to use social media than you get back at first, but this will help you to establish yourself as a trusted source of information and a company that truly cares about their community and customers. The wonderful people at Manta have happily provided us with 5 tips to learn how to use social media for business and we would like to share those with you.

How to Use Social Media | 5 Tips for Success

  1. Create a Landing Page – If you want people to get a quick overview of your website and the services that you offer having a landing page is essential for better social media performance. This allows surfers to get just a taste of your content without being overwhelmed with a full scale website overloaded with all of your information. This is the start of how to use social media for business.
  2. Set up Complete Profiles on Your Social Network – If you truly want to know how to use social media then you better not set up a sparse social media page. With social media platforms like Facebook and Google+ becoming some of the most frequented sites on the internet, sometimes potential customers are more likely to run into your business on these sites rather than your official webpage. If they come across a page with no picture and sparse information, they are likely to find you as an amateur, non-legitimate business.
  3. Participate, Don’t Push – The key to how to use social media is participation. Social media is all about an interactive conversation, not a one-sided sales pitch. If you truly want your clients to rely on and trust you, then you need to provide answers to their questions, rewards, and acknowledgment to their comments and involvement. Manta says to abide by the 80/20 rule. 80% of your efforts on social media webpages should be participation and 20% should be straight up sales pitches or advertisements. You want to be viewed as a participant not a pusher.
  4. Be Consistent – Just creating a solid informative social media page is not enough to become a master at how to use social media. If you want good SMO (Social Media Optimization) then you need to be consistently updating information on your site, creating blogs, posting new information, and responding to questions. If you want people to continue to follow you, then you have to provide them with information that they need. Remaining dormant on social media is not how to use social media efficiently.
  5. Create a Daily Schedule – Of course you probably don’t have all day to dedicate to how to learn social media, especially if you are a small business and working with a relatively small budget. Put aside time each day to dedicate to better social media performance and then stick to it. If you do this, then you will be able to better manage your time on each social media site and make the best use of your time.

How to Use Social Media

Remember, like we said, learning how to use social media doesn’t happen overnight. Too many people give up on learning how to use social media and their pages are just left stagnant for weeks at a time, consistency and content are king if you want to generate traffic and fans! Teach others how to use social media in your company as well.

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