How to Use Social Media to Increase Website Traffic


Use Social Media to Increase Website Traffic

How to Use Social Media to Increase Website Traffic

Social media marketing has truly brought some life back to the Internet. Websites like Facebook and Twitter have captivated the imagination of individuals and companies alike. It seems that everyone is using social networking in one form or another. Many of us are probably neglecting our own website over social sites. Social activities should be enhancing your total Internet marketing strategy and not necessarily be the total of it. Here is a look at how we can use those social activities to increase traffic to our own website.

  • Buttons on your own website. If someone can make comments and share on your website like they can when they are in social media, there is more chance they will do so. Having them share and comment while they are in your website will mean others are also more likely to see your site, and be directed there from their own social activities. Make sure you have all the necessary buttons and tools on your website design. Make sure it is fully integrated with social media. WordPress is an excellent blog site that has all the integration any site would need. This is an excellent guideline for anyone building his/her own site.
  • Include your site in your posts. Wherever you are posting or commenting, make sure you include your website address for others. By making intelligent and interesting comments on other social media, others will be interested to learn more about us. Our own website is the best place for them to do that.
  • Make sure your posts are interesting. If you post too much and you have too much to say, people will think you are spamming social media. Keeping a balance and keeping your posts interesting will have a larger impact. Including videos and images will greatly increase your appeal. Include questions that challenge the reader and use calls to action to help them choose your link.
  • Use a separate blog. Blogs like WordPress form a community. They are an excellent tool to help drive traffic to your own website. Your blog on your business website can be very different to an independent blog. You might want to be a little less ‘politically correct’, or even a little more ‘humorous’ on your independent blog. Again, your blog can be fully integrated into social media to increase traffic on all fronts.
  • Fill in your profiles. You profile is the first opportunity for you to let others know about you. Without a detailed profile they don’t know who you are. Profiles are very personal and can help bring that personal element to your business website. People want to know other people over another company. They want to know the people inside the company. Your social media profiles are the perfect place to let them know about you.
  • Choose the right social media. With so many social media sites, it can be easy to think we need to join all of them. Look at the existing profiles on social media sites. Target those social media websites that suit your own profile and your target audience.
  • Make the right friends. Having lots of friends won’t mean much if they are not really interested in what you share. It is important to share and befriend those who are your target audience. Cultivate your online relationships. Sometimes, less is a whole lot more.

There is just no stopping online marketing. It continues to grow and change and captivate every segment in our society. The costs compared with other media are radically cheaper, and we are finding the reach just continues to expand. Treat your social media activities with care. Start in the right direction, put in the time, and you will find you are getting attention from those who count.

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