How to Use StumbleUpon

How to Use StumbleUpon

How to Use StumbleUpon

How to Use StumbleUpon for Marketing

Countless employees are wasting their days in airconditioned cubicles slowing productivity because they are surfing StumbleUpon, that’s why you need to know the basics of how to use StumbleUpon for marketing.

How to Use StumbleUpon | How The Site Works

Okay so the above information may be a bit confusing to imagine, so let me break it down for you. Once a user signs up for StumbleUpon (which they can do with their Facebook account) they are directed to pick at least five interests from a very long list. Which means if you are trying to learn how to use StumbleUpon for marketing you better create content based on at least one and preferably more of those categories if you want to show up on the site.

The next thing the user does is click StumbleUpon, the website will then troll the internet and provide sites based on that user’s particular interests. The “I Like It” button at the top of the page which will give that page votes and it will show up more on the site is another must when figuring out how to use StumbleUpon for Marketing.

You can also share special pages with your friends or search by a particular category or interest.

StumbleUpon For Marketing | Don’t Miss Out

According to StumbleUpon’s homepage there are 11,834,636 members. Now most people say that their are about 5 million active users, but nonetheless that’s a gigantic audience. Knowing how to use StumbleUpon for marketing can put your business in front of millions of new potential customers if done correctly.

They’re a totally different animal from Digg, because they focus mainly on video and web pages rather than stories. Good analogy: Amazon recommendations for web content. However if your familiar with social media marketing, you’ll be able to learn how to use StumbleUpon.

StumbleUpon is not really like a search engine either, basically surfing StumbleUpon is like flipping channels on your tv set. After learning how to use StumbleUpon for marketing, you can put your business on one of those channels.

StumbleUpon For Marketing | Paid Advertisements

If you do have the pocket change, here’s how to use StumbleUpon with capital:

  1. If you’re investing serious effort into your content – ie, you’ve paid someone $5k+ to write link bait for you – why not spend $200 more dollars and send it through SU?What you’re really paying for in this instance is access to the results, and though this won’t tell you WHAT to change, you should get an idea of whether or not your new project WOWs your target community.
  2. Camp suggested you pay for stumbles on content that’s quality but that people aren’t necessarily searching for… Audio/Visual content works well he said, as do cool flash pages.
  3. If you’re launching a site and have invested in branded content that’s intended to convert viewers into linkers, subscribers or buyers then SU should ABSOLUTELY be on your list of places to advertise. If your market is there of course… Check out the SU Buzz page, which shows you recent stumbles (in a very Digg-looking format) along with a list along the left side of your screen of SU categories.

StumbleUpon For Marketing | Free Marketing

Okay so maybe your company doesn’t have it in their budget to fork out more money to a social media site, well good news here’s how to use StumbleUpon for free. Here are the tips provided by SearchEngineWatch on how to use StumbleUpon:

  1. You must inform and entertain with laser targeting and a high WOW factor. Piper Jaffray calls it communitainment. SEOs call it link bait. I call it branded content that converts visitors to subscribers/linkers/buyers.
  2. Don’t just submit content – join the community (much as you would for Digg) and spend time learning what your target community likes. StumbleUpon recently added profiles and community networks much like MySpace and MyBlogLog. There are records of what community members like. If your content lacks the WOW power of what they like then you’ve got to get back to work.
  3. Pictures, alleged Camp, are key also.

StumbleUpon for Marketing | Bottom Line

Knowing how to use StumbleUpon for marketing is probably a good idea seeing you can reach out to millions of people, but my number one recommendation is that you don’t make your page look like a sales page, it should be rich with content and visuals. People will not “Like” a sales page and they will just click “Stumble” instead of viewing your page, this is important when learning how to use StumbleUpon.

Check out this how to use StumbleUpon for Marketing resource for dozens of articles on this subject. I’ll leave you with a quote:

“Why should you look at into directing StumbleUpon traffic to your site? Beyond the obvious benefits of extremely targeted traffic, the traffic doesn’t come all at once compared to a site like Digg.”

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