How to Use the New Twitter

How to Use the New Twitter

How to Use the New Twitter

How to Use the New Twitter

There’s been a lot of talk about how to use the new Twitter and we wanted to go ahead and give you the whole rundown on how you can use the new Twitter as well as some of the cool new features that you will be able to play with on your page.  Twitter says that they really wanted to make their platform more accessible to new users and of course with Facebook rolling out their brand new Timeline, it seems that the timing is right for Twitter to also amp up their aesthetics to compete with the competition.

How to Use the New Twitter | New Look and Features

Before we just jump in and let you know how to use the new Twitter, you’ll want to know the details of some of the new features that you can expect, so you and your marketing department can begin brainstorming on the best ways to take advantage of Twitter’s new sexy look in order to draw more followers to your page.  Tom Bukacek, of Black Box Social Media reports on the new Twitter features and how to use the new Twitter here:

Home: This is your old news feed, only better. Whereas before media in tweets like photos and videos was viewable on the side, now you can see them right in the tweet (you still need to click). You’ll also be able to see information about @replies and retweets for a particular tweet by selecting “Open,” a new option. Twitter says your feed will now appear “consistently” across platforms. which apparently was a problem before.

Connect: This is where all your @replies and mentions will be. Not a lot new here, but Twitter says you can type in someone’s handle which will let you learn more about the person and connect instantly.

Discover: Twitter appears to have supercharged its search functions and put the results here. More than just a place to look for trending topics and hashtags, Discover will identify stories and trends based on your connections, location and language.

Me: Here’s your Twitter profile, made bigger, neater and with more activity recorded. Your information now appears on the left instead of right.

So lets break down this information so you’ll be equipped with enough knowledge to completely understand how to use the new Twitter.

How to Use the New Twitter | The Breakdown

Basically if you aren’t already, you will really want to add more videos, pictures, and media to your post since its now available for viewing directly from your Tweet.  Also, whats really important to know about how to use the new Twitter Connect feature is that you can now learn about those who retweeted your post and connect with them directly, this is going to work wonders for finding influencers for your business.

Discover is going to be great for finding interactive content that you’re users are guaranteed to enjoy.  Rather that simply searching with a hashtag for trending topics your searches will now be influenced by what your followers are interested in.

There’s not much to say about how to use the new Twitter Me feature, but this is going to really add a lot of content to your profile page, which will definitely increase your visibility.

How to Use the New Twitter | Bottomline

Hopefully you’re now as excited as we are about how to use the new Twitter.  However if you just feel that you’ve just got too much on your plate then let us handle it for you.  If anyone knows how to use the new Twitter it’s us!

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