How to Use Wikipedia

How to Use Wikipedia

How to Use Wikipedia

Sure you know how to look up an article and probably think you know most all there is to know about how to use Wikipedia.  However with over three million articles, it can get difficult at times to sift through all of the garbage to find quality content.  Thats why we want to provide you with some solid tips and tricks on how to use Wikipedia to the fullest.

How to Use Wikipedia | Tips and Tricks

Here we are going to go over different methods and tools that will better your understanding of how to use Wikipedia, like how to change the cover page, check page stats, and a lot of other fun ways to get the most out of the service.

How to Use Wikipedia | Wikipedia and Google Maps

I bet you didn’t know that Google Maps was integrated with Wikipedia, now did you?  All that you have to do to enable that functionality is to click on the top right of your map and simply type “Wikipedia,” then you can see all the articles related to a particular area.  Great for road trips or even showing a client around town!

How to Use Wikipedia | Tip of the Day

Who knows Wikipedia better than the creators themselves?  Exactly, thats why you need to bookmark the “Tip of the Day” here.

How to Use Wikipedia | Improve Your Search Techniques

One surefire way to better your experience is to follow these search tips provided by Mashable in their article on how to use Wikipedia.

Enhance Wikipedia’s search functionality with a few simple tricks.

As well as the usual search tricks, such as double quotes or hyphens (to exclude results), try a couple of useful characters on Wikipedia.

To perform a wildcard search, add an asterisk (*) to a search term — Wikipedia will pull up all results pertaining to the word. Add a tilde (~) to access “fuzzy” search results — handy if you’re unsure of exact spelling.

How to Use Wikipedia | View a Page’s History

Maybe you just don’t trust the content on a Wiki page, well you can check all of the edits made and judge for yourself.  Just click on the “View History” tab on the top right of any page to view edits.  If you’re curious about revisions then click on “Compare selected revisions.”

How to Use Wikipedia | Create a Wikipedia Book

This is my favorite feature in our how to use Wikipedia tutorial.  Wikipedia now allows you to compile articles to save as a pdf or even print through their partner print company, PediaPress.  All you have to do is click on the “Print/Export” button on the top left hand corner of the screen, and then select “Create a book.”

How to Use Wikipedia | View a Page Without Links

Sometimes all of the links can get distracting on a Wikipedia page.  Here’s a quick easy way to get rid of all of those links, just like with creating a book, go to the “Print/Export” button and then click “Printable version.”

How to Use Wikipedia | Philosophy is the Key to All Knowledge

We just wanted to leave you with this funny fact from Mashable, enjoy!

Finally, we have a fun trick for you. Did you know that nearly 95% of English language Wikipedia pages eventually lead to an article about philosophy?

Load up any article, then, ignoring links in brackets or italics, click on the first link in the article. Repeat this enough times and you should end up on the philosophy page. Spooky.

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