How to Write Copy

How to Write Copy

How to Write Copy

If you want to be an effective online marketer then you will want to know how to write copy.  Web copy is the material that is displayed on your webpage.  There are certain techniques that you should implement in order to not only draw people to your website but to make effective sales.  People want to be spoken to in a certain way and told what to do.  We’d like to share 8 tips with you on how to write copy in hopes that it will help your business to grow that we learned from the experts at Black Box Social Media.

How to Write Copy | 8 Tips for Success

  • Use a style appropriate for all of your customer demographics. Unless your customers are from a very narrow demographic, ensure your Web copy is written with a more general feel and aimed at an average reading level. When learning how to write copy, you don’t want to alienate a visitor because your Web copy is either too complicated to read or written in a tone that would only appeal to a select few.
  • Research your keywords. Including important keywords that potential visitors are searching for is a big part of ensuring you rank well in search engines. Some keywords are searched more often than others, of course, so find the best keywords for your site and include them naturally in your Web copy.
  • Keep it clear and concise. Your website’s visitors are busy.  Learning how to write copy means learning brevity.  They don’t want to waste time while your Web copy beats around the bush. Be clear and concise in your writing, and if there’s an action you’d like your visitors to take, clearly state that in your copy.
  • Make your Web copy lively. If you want to know how to write copy, write so that your content is absolutely gripping. Boring Web copy will likely have the visitor moving on to your competitors’ websites.
  • Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. To write better Web copy, adopt the perspective of your customers. Think about what they would want to know from your website and how they’ll perceive your product and service offerings.
  • Stay away from clichéd adjectives. Try not to use clichéd buzzwords that every other website is using. If a reader has seen a term a thousand times, he or she is likely to completely ignore it.
  • Make sure your Web copy is valuable. Don’t waste your visitors’ time with information that is not of value. Instead, center your Web copy on informative and useful information that your visitors will appreciate.
  • Focus on challenges and the solutions you offer. Focus your Web copy on the primary challenges your readers are likely to have, and then tell them how you can help them solve these challenges. Giving solutions, is essential when discovering how to write copy.

How to Write Copy | Bottomline

All copy should drive your customers to the sales funnel.  However, you don’t want to really come off too salesy, so a good approach to writing web copy is to offer some useful information to your customers.  If you have great compelling content then your readers will appreciate your knowledge and accredit your business as a useful resource.  Learning how to write copy also means writing copy that gains referrals.  You will want to know how to write copy that creates a buzz for your business.

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