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As we bring in the new year many companies are searching for social media solutions.  We here at Social Media in 7 Minutes offer a great platform for managing your business’s social media campaigns and we wanted to share some other places where you can find social media solutions to couple with our program.  Its never a bad thing to gain insights from many different perspectives.  With the economy growing, consumers desire better and better service from companies, so its important for us to know how to interact with these consumers and create an engaging experience with the use of these social media solutions.

Social Media Solutions | Social Networking Strategies

One the genius social media solutions that we want to share with you is integrating social networking sites into your training programs.  Most of your trainees are already using social networking sites, so incorporating these into training exercises could really make your new employees excited about engaging with your activities and exercises.  Since many use social media sites in their personal lives, you may very well find that you can really find the true character and talents of your trainees.

Stumped on ideas for engagement.  Here are some social media solutions that might get the wheels turning:

  • Discussions of Videos
  • Role Plays
  • Responses to Blog Posts

Jane Bozarth, eLearning Coordinator for the State of North Carolina and author of Social Media for Trainers explains some social media solutions in her interview with Mashable:

“Social media tools help to amplify the social and informal learning already going on in organizations all the time, every day, and make the learning available on a much larger scale. They provide ways to connect talent pools and expertise in an organization or within a practice area, and can offer just-in-time solutions to problems and performance issues.”

Social Media Solutions | Gaming

Many teachers and trainers are using gaming to get their students and trainees involved in learning activities, there are a number of reasons why this could be a great social media solution, however the comm0n theory on why gaming is an effective gaming technique is far off.

It’s important to note that not all games are created equal when it comes to learning. Kapp discusses two reasons why gamification is becoming popular, and the first one isn’t necessarily relevant for learning. “Some people see gamification simply as the process of adding points, badges or rewards to the learning process and instantly creating engagement, interactivity and motivation for learning. This view is wrong.”

Kapp suggests looking at the real reasons why games are popular and then apply those elements to the process. “When done correctly, gamification provides an experience that is inherently engaging and, most importantly, promotes learning. The elements of games that make for effective gamification are those of storytelling, which provides a context, challenge, immediate feedback, sense of curiosity, problem-solving, a sense of accomplishment, autonomy and mastery.”

Gaming as a social media solution isn’t a bad thought especially if there are a number of participants, this really creates great real-time sharing of information.

Social Media Solutions | The Future

We here at Social Media in 7 Minutes are strong believers that social learning is going to take classrooms and training rooms by storm.  We offer social media solutions for businesses and teach our customers how to effectively market their product.  Using those social media solutions alongside the ones mentioned above could really work wonders for your business.

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