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Social Media Services

Social Media Services

Social Media Services

There are plenty of social media services out there that swear they can boost your SEO, get more impressions per post, and even find more followers and friends.  However only some of these social media services will actually give you a good ROI.  We wanted to share some of our favorite free social media services with you and give you a little sneak peek at what exclusive services our VIP members receive inside our membership area.

Social Media Services | Klout

Our partners over at Black Box Social Media have written a plethora of articles praising Klout’s service.  Lets take a look at some of the highlights from those articles chronicling the social media services that Klout has to offer.

Klout’s Network Influence measures how influential the people that interact with your company are by looking at the following things: List inclusions, Follower/Follow Ratio, Followed Back %, Unique Senders, Unique Retweeters, Unique Commenters, Unique Likers, Influence of Followers, Influence of Retweeters and Mentioners, Influence of Friends, Influence of Likers and Commenters.

Your Klout score defines your social media influence and ability to interact with your users across social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.  Therefore all of your posts are scored based on how successful each one is in engaging users.  The Klout score is from 1 to 100.

So using Klout for social media services can really help you to determine what works and what doesn’t for your social media posts.  This is also one of the best social media services for finding the true influencers in your niche market.  You’ll be happy to know that Klout is also now available for Google Plus as well, so make sure to jump on that!

Social Media Services | Black Box Social Media

Black Box Social Media is also a great hub for social media news and services, new methods for SEO, social media marketing, and technology.  Here are some great articles that you’ll certainly appreciate:

Staying up to date with news in social media is definitely one of the greatest social media services that you could engage in for your small business.

Social Media Services | Social Media in 7 Minutes

Last but not least, Social Media in 7 Minutes is an absolutely great social media service to implement for your business.  Inside our members only area, we have tutorial videos that can help you not only manage your social media pages, but become very successful and really build your online presence in just 7 minutes a day.

We also have a wonderful tool that you can use to access all of your social media pages in one place.  Not only that, you can also find out just who is talking about your company or niche across the internet and auto-reply to their blog or forum in seconds flat!

If you feel you could use these social media services then don’t wait any longer, the marketing world is changing and social media is essential for your business.

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