Tips and Tricks: How to Use Google+ For SEO

How to Use Google+ for SEO

How to Use Google+ for SEO

How to Use Google+ for SEO

I have a theory about Google+, whether or not many of its users are actually active on the site there is a lot of article sharing and quality content, therefore it is obviously going to have a major impact on SEO in and outside of the network, so knowing how to use Google+ for SEO is going to greatly increase your small business’s online presence and overall visibility.  We wanted to dive into some specific strategies that will increase your SEO in no time.

How to Use Google+ for SEO | Optimize Your Google+ Circles

We wanted to share with you an interesting article from the tech writers over at Black Box Social Media and their findings on how to use Google+ for SEO, specifically how to optimize your Google+ Circles, an absolute must for obtaining high ranking search results:

Circles are what really differentiate Google+ from all of the other social media sites.  The key to how to use Google+ for SEO is adding highly influential people to your Google+ Circles and having them link back to your page (or adding you to their Circles).  You can think of it in the same way we conceptualize backlinking, the more influential people that have you in their Circles, the more relevant your page becomes in the eyes of Google.  Here are some great ways to attract attention:

  • Comment like crazy on Google+ thought leader posts.
  • Focus on a particular thought leader and promote his content. When you get that connection, repeat the process with another thought leader.
  • Share your work in comments…but sparingly.
  • Fill out your profile fully so people know you are for real when they check you out.
  • Create posts with a particular thought leader in mind.

How to Use Google+ for SEO | Format Your Google+ Headings

One very useful tidbit on how to use Google+ for SEO is formatting the headlines of your posts.  Of course the default post is just normal text and really doesn’t pop out on the screen, however by simply placing your header text in between asterisks like so: *How to Use Google+ for SEO* then you’ll have a header text that looks like this:

How to Use Google+ for SEO

How to Use Google+ for SEO

There are some specific parts of this post that you’ll want to pay special attention to, and one of those would be the the hashtags (#) that identify the subjects of the post, therefore making it easy for users to find your post in a search.  Also adding a link to a piece of media with a link preview always makes the post more eye-catching and relevant as a quality piece of content.  These strategies in addition to the formatted heading including your keywords is essential in learning how to use Google+ for SEO.

How to Use Google+ for SEO | Optimize Your Profile

In addition to publishing eye-popping posts with top-notch content, its also really important that people are able to find your profile so here are some tips on how to use Google+ for SEO by optimizing your profile page:

Take away: thread relevant keywords through your Google+ profile…namely in the Introduction, Employment, Education and Places sections…and you may start ranking for some highly-competitive broad terms.

So hopefully now you can really feel confident about your Google+ page and drive followers and traffic to your website as well!  If you have any questions on how to use Google+ for SEO feel free to ask them in the comments.

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