What Are The Social Media Trends for 2012?

Social Media Trends for 2012

Social Media Trends for 2012

Social Media Trends for 2012

The social media trends for 2012 will make or brake your business marketing strategy this year.  As we approach the new year we also approach new ways of doing business.  What was important the year before can often times become obsolete and businesses are forced to implement new strategies.  Have no fear though, we are the hub for social media marketing trends for 2012, and its better to stay up to date on new technologies and methods in this industry so that we can learn to embrace the new with confidence.  Social media is all about building community with your valued customers and prospective customers in 2012.  We can show you how to build those communities through organic methods that will continue to flourish for you in the year to come.

Social Media Trends for 2012 | Quality Content

Content will be one social media marketing trend for 2012 that will begin to see a major transformation as it begins its evolution from simple messages to become content that is intertwined together to create stories that will bring readers the most relevant information catered to their particular taste or preferences.  This is already being seen through the Google and Facebook algorithms that as business marketers we all strive to decipher.  No longer will quick fixes like buying links and other black hat methods be effective.  Rather we will all need to become publishers of the best content out there in order to really reach our niche markets.  Thats the way it should be anyway, thats why its relieving to see this as one of the emerging social media trends of 2012.

How will we know if we are creating great content?  Thats the question on the tip of everyone’s tongue and the answer is through services such as Klout and other analytics companies that determine which of your posts have the furthest reach.  While these were services that many businesses weren’t sure that they wanted to use in 2011, these will now be essential to get ahead and be on top of the social media trends for 2012.

Social Media Trends for 2012 | Positive Engagement

Tom Bukacek of Black Box Social Media had some great words of wisdom on positive engagement and social media trends for 2012 and we’d like to share that with you:

Social Media Engagement will become a central performance indicator of company strategy. Brands and companies will have their hardwork set out for them in that they will need to engage users in fresh, new ways to keep them interested. With engagement key, transparency will follow, with more people becoming comfortable sharing more and more information. 2012 will be a year when we see greater buy-in from our social media followers – they will share their opinions more and send more “likes” in favor of being so concerned about protecting their information. This social media trend is great news for companies with a solid social media presence.

Social media specialists also predict that there will be a convergence of social media, online comments and search engine optimization. The current functionality to search for a particular business, location, return links and online reviews, among others, is about to be blown out of the water with reviews highlighted by social media connections.

The effect of social media on search is already being seen with Google+ integrating their social networking site with their search.  If you are logged into Google +, your search will reflect your area and material shared by your Circles in order to provide custom search results catered to you!

Image attribution: http://www.masterlink.com/blog/index.php/dallas-social-media-marketing-in-2012-a-look-ahead/

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