What is a URL Expander?

URL Expander

URL Expander

URL Expander

A URL expander may sound like something ridiculous when looked at through an internet marketers eyes, however URL expanders are a great tool for your company’s employee’s to use to avoid clicking through shortened URL’s and ending up with some malicious malware or spam page.  This can often happen by clicking on a misleading link that seems like a vital piece of information however is truly a virus in disguise cloaked under a shortened URL.  So we want to introduce you to five URL expanders and you can choose the URL expander which functionality suits you best.

URL Expander | Where Does This Link Go?

Where Does This Link Go? is an excellent URL expander in that it has a minimalist design however its functionality is very effective.  Basically just enter in a short link and let it do its magic.  Although the description wasn’t that impressive it did the job that it was asked.

URL Expander | LongURL

LongURL is a little more complex than Where Does This Link Go? because it not only shows you the long url, it also displays a list of keywords and a small description so that you’re absolutely sure that this is the kind of content that you are trying to target.  Not only that but this URL expander also displays some graphics to give you a nice pocket sized depiction of what is beyond the link.  All necessary?  Maybe not, but we applaud the design.

URL Expander | URL X-Ray

The design for URL X-Ray definitely lines up with the name as its much darker than the previous shorteners we’ve gone over.  Really what draws me to this URL expander is that it comes with a little bookmarklet so that you can type in shortened URL’s at anytime rather than having to go to the site directly, its much more convenient.

URL Expander | LinkPeelr

LinkPeelr is similar to LongURL in that it gives you a peek inside the webpage, however with LinkPeelr it reveals the entire homepage like peeling back an orange.  This way we can get the full appearance of the webpage before we allow our browser to open it up.

If you’re using Google Chrome you can see the long URL very easily within LinkPeelr by simply hovering your mouse over it.

URL Expander | Sucuri

Sucuri is a security that offers a free link checking service.  Its not necessarily as hip in design, however the functionality is the same as the others mentioned.  Although it doesn’t have pop up graphics or show the homepage, it does run your link through safe site checkers to assure that you can proceed with viewing.

URL Expander | The Verdict

So you may go for the design or the aesthetics or maybe capabilities, but no matter what URL expander you choose you’ll be glad you did, because no one wants to end up infected with malware.

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