What is Google+ Communities?

Google+ Communities

Google+ Communities

Today I want to talk to you about the latest craze is social media and that is the release of Google+ Communities.

Google+ has been struggling to find an identity in the social media world since its launch more than a year ago. While some of its benefits, such as Hangouts, sparks, and Circles are kinda cool, they’re not good enough to get people to leave their entrenched Facebook accounts.

One of the biggest benefits toughted about Google+ is it’s Circles function, which allows you to sort your friends by specific topics or keywords. Then, when you post, you can post and only people in certain Circles will see your posts. This is a benefit for many people. In my example, I can separate real estate posts from posts on social media from personal posts to posts about books and so on and so forth.
The big problem, though, is not everyone categorizes themselves. I’ll have people follow me in G+ and when I go to follow them back, I have no idea what to categorize them. Therefore, the largest part of my Circles is ‘Acquaintences’ and this Circle is where over 25% of my followers are, which lessens the benefits of Circles.

To improve this problem and to compete with Facebook’s largely popular Groups function, Google+ has created a new communities platform that allows people of similar interests, whether personal or professional, to congregate, share photos and links, ask questions, promote upcoming events, and much more.

Here’s what I like about Google+ Communities versus Facebook Groups or even the G+ Circles:
1. Easy to moderate. Suspected ‘spam’ comments will show up at the top of your stream if you’re moderating a Community. You can instantly decide to allow or remove a potentially spammy post. Unlike Facebook, this function will allow you to keep out spammers and create communities of value.
2. Subcategories. Subcategories allow you to create a broad group and, within this group, create related and more specific categories. For example, if you like real estate, you can create a real estate group for sellers, buyers, other investors, raising capital, Realtors, networking, etc… within one large group.
3. Photos and videos look better than FB. Facebook Timeline was supposed to be the digital representation of your life, yet photos and infographics typically don’t show up as well as they do in Google+. And the videos load so much quicker than on Facebook!

So how do you set up your own Google+ community? Here’s how it works.

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