How to Use Reddit?

How to Use Reddit

How to Use Reddit

How to Use Reddit

With many websurfers unhappy with Digg‘s newest version, learning how to use Reddit is the new hot topic, so if you want to learn how to use Reddit properly for both business and personal reasons, then read on. Reddit was launched in 2005 and they already have “redditers” (or people who use Reddit) growing everyday.

How to Use Reddit | What is it?

Just like Digg, Reddit lets its users vote on stories and web content in a democratic fashion and the top ones end up on the front page. So if you want to learn properly and write compelling articles, then you can easily create brand exposure for your company on Reddit just as you would with Digg or StumbleUpon.

Another benefit of learning how to use Reddit is that it can help to spread your brand across dozens of social networks that Reddit is associated with such as Facebook and Twitter. And you know what happens when your content is streamed over a good many social networks right? In turn it increases your search engine presence across the board.

How to Use Reddit | Getting Started

Just like any other social network, the best way to make a successful marketing initiative for your company is first knowing how to use Reddit like a normal user would. Signing up is easy, just go to the site, create a username and password, and then you can start submitting articles to the site! Simple as pie.

Okay so in a lot of respects how to use Reddit is very similar to Digg in that when using Reddit you can vote an article up or down by simply clicking on the arrows near the link. If you click the up arrow it gives it a point, down deducts a point. Got it? Good, lets move on.

How to Use Reddit | Submitting Links

What really sets how to use Reddit apart from Digg is that you can just send a URL through to Reddit without going through the complicated categorizing process. That means when you are using Reddit, anything can be included, no matter what its about. But like Digg, you should try to avoid making it appear as a sales page, because this never attracts a lot of votes.

The other difference between how to use Reddit and Digg is the simplicity of submitting links to the site. With Reddit, all you need to do is submit your link through the Reddit bookmarklet set. Lets say your link has already been voted on, thats great, in that case Reddit will just redirect you to a link page where you can vote the site up or down.

Go to Reddit for more helpful tips on submitting articles here.

Using Reddit | Getting on the Front Page

Being able know how to use Reddit is a fun way to find out about trending topics and brand your business, but what we all want to know is how to get to the front page! To get on Reddit’s front page, you’ll need your submission to be liked about 30 times in an hour or two. That sounds difficult, but not if you’re writing good keyword based articles with great SEO.

And get this, Reddit also has subreddit pages too, such as a programming page and it only takes about 2 votes in an hour to get to the top of that page. So if you want to learn how to use Reditt, you should definitely explore these subreddit pages as well.

How to Use Reditt |Diligence

Diligence is really the key factor to marketing success with Reddit, because front page articles only stay there for a max of 23 hours on average. So you better be constantly working on and creating intriguing content that your audience will love.

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