What is the 7 Minute Dashboard?

The 7 Minute Dashboard is an all in one social media tool that allows you to engage, post, and communicate with all of your social networking sites from one easy to use location.
You can schedule out posts on each social media site for the next couple of months. You will also be able to schedule customer birthday wishes to your Facebook friends, create and schedule newsletters, send text message reminders, update your blog posts, and monitor what others are saying about you online by using this one simple tool.  Here are some of the main benefits of the 7 Minute Dashboard (source: http://www.squidoo.com/7-minute-dashboard)

  • Schedule posts– with the 7 Minute Dashboard, you are able to plan out your Tweets, posts, or comments in advance and schedule the release whenever your feel appropriate. For example, if you own a restaurant and want to have 2 posts and 5 tweets go out on Thursday and Friday advertising your specials, then you can set up your social media in advance and schedule out the messages. Then, while your are working on your business, your advertising is working for you.
  • Reputation manager– perhaps the coolest tool is the reputation manager, which scours the Internet looking for anything that mentions your or your company. This reputation manager will let you know if someone spoke kindly or unkindly about you in a blog, on Facebook, or even gave you a negative Yelp review. This valuable information will allow you to stay in front of both positive and negative comments and respond in kind.
  • Manage all of your e-mail accounts– why use Outlook to manage all of your email accounts when you can utilize the very same tool that is managing your social media accounts as well? You can import your email contacts from your AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail accounts into one place and utilize it like an ‘Aweber’ or ‘Icontact’ platform. Now you can send out auto responders or newsletters from one location. With this tool, you are able to send out 1,000 emails at one time!
  • SMS Text message auto responders– Build and pre-schedule a series of automated SMS text messages. 90% of text messages are opened! This type of service could dramatically increase your show up rates to events and webinars.
  • Twitter Auto Replies- this function will allow you to send an automated response to anyone on Twitter who is discussing a keyword or keyword phrase that you have predetermined. Imagine being an auto mechanic and setting up an automated response about your towing to anyone tweeting about car problems within a 10 mile radius of your business?

Many educational products fail because there is no tool in place to implement the knowledge and turn your brain power into action. The Social Media in 7 Minutes online training tool combined with the 7 Minute Dashboard allow for the practical application of knowledge in a short period of time. It doesn’t matter how busy you are as a business owner, you can always find an extra 7 minutes to connect with your current and potential customers.
The ease and convenience of the 7 Minute Dashboard will allow the small business user to implement their social media marketing plan in just 7 minutes per day.
No other social media product combines the ever evolving social media video training with a do it yourself tool.

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