What Makes Social Media in 7 Minutes Unique?

Why is SMI7M so Unique?

Frequently Updated Video Trainings

The problem with books or ebook training is that they are out of date 5 minutes after print due to all the changes that occur with social media sites.  That’s why the most unique feature of Social Media in 7 Minutes is also one of the best features-that it is primarily a video training series that will be continuously updated throughout its existence.

Social Media in 7 Minutes will update their videos as changes in features relevant to small businesses occur.

SMI7M is a student of the industry and is performing social media for its clients.  When changes occur, we know.  As we change our processes and procedures to adapt to the changes, we video record the changes and make these training video updates available to you!  Each month, we’ll host a webinar explaining the changes as well.

What this means is that you will always have the most recent information on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Google+, and Foursquare.

Do-It-Yourself Social Media Dashboard

The second aspect of Social Media in 7 Minutes that is so unique is the do it yourself 7 Minute Dashboard. This tool allows the user to communicate with all it’s Twitter Fans, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups, etc… from one location.

You can schedule out posts on each social media site for the next couple of months. You will also be able to schedule customer birthday wishes to your Facebook friends, create and schedule newsletters, send text message reminders, update your blog posts, and monitor what others are saying about you online by using this one simple tool.
The ease and convenience of the 7 Minute Dashboard will allow the small business user to implement their social media marketing plan in just 7 minutes per day.
No other social media product combines the ever evolving social media video training with a do it yourself tool.
Plus, each month, you will also be able to attend our special update webinars, which will detail some of the biggest changes in social media for a given month and have access to their informative forums designed to answer questions that new users will have regarding social media.  With our 7 Minute Dashboard, you can quickly, easily, and efficiently put your well designed social media marketing plan into action in just 7 simple minutes per day.

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