Who Created Social Media in 7 Minutes?

Social Media in 7 Minutes is Created By Black Box Social Media

Black Box Social Media manages several high end companies’ social media programs, ranging from International Motivational Speakers to Real Estate Investing Gurus to Reality TV Stars to Professional Sports teams. We know what it takes to create and implement a social media marketing plan, and we’re showing you all of our secrets.
While outsourcing another company to oversee the creation and implementation of a social media marketing plan makes sense for high end companies, it doesn’t make sense for most small businesses.
This problem is why Social Media in 7 Minutes was created- to give the small business owners an opportunity to educate themselves and put into practical application the knowledge developed in order to create and implement a profitable and effective social media marketing plan.
Mike Dillard is one of the most famous, well respected, and successful Internet marketing experts in the field today. Owner of multiple companies, such as the Elevation Group, Better Networkers, and Magnetic Sponsoring. Mike is a true rags to riches story using online marketing and social media to build his businesses. He has made over $15,000,000 online since 2005 and over 1,000,000 entrepreneurs from over 65 countries have subscribed to his Video Boot Camp Newsletter, which he provides for free.
Done for you social media companies charge thousands of dollars each month.  We know- we’re doing it!  Employees, with their wages, benefits, and taxes, cost thousands of dollars each month.
Social Media in 7 Minutes gives you the training and the application in which to implement your social media marketing plan for a small percentage of the cost.

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