Why Use Social Media for Business?

Social Media in 7 Minutes

Why Use Social Media For Business?

Why Use Social Media for Your Marketing?

Most small business owners understand that it is imperative to use social media for business in today’s economy, but they don’t know how to begin. What are your options?

  • Do you hire an employee? If so, how do you manage the employee? After all, how can you manage someone if you have no idea what they should be doing?
  • And what about all the costs, health care, benefits, etc…
  • Also, what if the person quits?
  • Is hiring someone to perform social media marketing worth the money or the trouble?
  • You can outsource to another company, but most social media companies charge astronomical amounts for simple, inexpensive tasks.
  • Plus, you need to understand the basics of how to put together a plan, otherwise you will have no idea what you are paying for and may be disappointed in what you receive.

The best way to go about creating and implementing a social media marketing plan is to do it yourself.

But where do you learn about social media and who has the time to add another role to their already full plate?
What if you could learn the secrets from proven social media professionals on how to put together a social media plan quickly and implement it in just a short 7 minutes a day?
If you’re tired of all the questions and are ready for answers, then Social Media in 7 Minutes is the solution for you.

Social Media in 7 Minutes

Social Media in 7 Minutes (SMI7M) is a revolutionary do-it-yourself online training program designed to not only educate small business owners on how to apply social media into their marketing plan, but also to provide a practical tool which will allow them to implement their marketing plan in just 7 minutes a day.  This product is designed for small business owners who want to learn and implement a social media marketing plan for themselves without paying thousands of dollars for employees or outsourcing companies.

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  1. Ilona AKA @eyelona
    8 years ago

    You’re absolutely right – small businesses need to participate in social media. But do they even have those 7 minutes to spare and do they know what to do….correctly? Social media marketing must be overseen by the owner/ CEO, but it needs to be a separate function.

    As marketers and business people, we ought to really just skip the social media jargon, and speak in plain English (like Mike Lewis describes in Social Media Leadership: How to get Off the Bench and Into the Game – and BTW I’m not pimping the book, just stating that’s exactly his point in the book).

    Chatter matters. At this very moment, social media is improving the customer support a business may need next week. It’s damaging, or enhancing, the reputations of brands and products we all use today. It’s influencing prices, political opinion, trends in fashion, travel, entertainment, and much more in the world we all live in. Right now. And right now it’s picking winners and losers in competitions we’re not even aware of.

    To quote from Lewis’ book, “Social media doesn’t stop at Facebook, and it’s not a province only for the young. It has real-world impact on every individual, and on every industry. The challenge for business is not merely to acknowledge this importance, which is fundamental. It’s not merely to become an active participant in the conversation, which is critical. The challenge is to master the total media ecosystem and use it to best position their brands in this new world of free discourse and connected consumers.”

    Companies must be willing to live in a glass house and adjust their business strategies in near-realtime, and the person in charge of those strategies is the owner. So if the owner doesn’t get it, the business is in trouble.

    Thanks for the opportunity to contribute my comments and for bringing forth this much needed topic.

    Kind regards,